AtmosFX – Shades of Evil DVD


AtmosFX Digital Decorations® 
Thrill your neighbors with a cast of shadowy figures experiencing the fright of their lives. Will they escape their impending doom? Or will they fall victim to their silhouetted enemies? Regardless of the outcome, this collection of effects is sure to leave a lasting impression on any Halloween lover. Each with four display modes. A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU: A frightened man is haunted by a skeletal apparition hell-bent on claiming his head. LOATHERS EMBRACE: Two lovers turn foreplay into foul play as they attempt to rid themselves of one another. HANG MAN: Enjoy the best seat in the house and witness a depressed soul at the end of his rope…literally! VAMPIRES SNACK: A vampire transforms from a bat into a human form to feed upon an unsuspecting maiden.

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