CONTACT movie – Government Binder Project Vega Jodie Foster RARE


CONTACT the movie – Government Binder Findings on Jodie Foster Character "Ellie Arroway" EXTREMELY RARE

This one of a kind item has been in our memorabilia collection vault for some time now and we are opening our memorabilia collection Vault to let these go. You will never find anything like it from anyone else ever! Guaranteed!

This binder called "The Special Presidential Inquiry Into Project Vega" with a Presidential Seal was seen in the final act where government officials (James Woods, Angela Bassett) discuss what took place and why the 30 second flight has 18 hours of snowy video footage.

This binder has a complete detailed background of Jodi Foster’s character "Ellie Arroway".
Also has detailed sketches of the star gate Spacecraft machine built plus many many more extras.
Sections include:
Personal, Medical, Log Report, Video and Reference

This RARE item also has gold print stating "The Special Presidential Inquiry Into Project Vega" and a gold printed Presidential Seal on the cover of the binder as well.
We have one other just the same but with a gold Presidential Seal that has been affixed (was used as a stand in and background for others) to the cover not printed.
CONTACT – Government Binder Project Vega Jodie Foster background

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Starring Jodie Foster
Based on the novel by Carl Sagan

The Plot
In the movie Contact, Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) grows up fascinated with radio messages from distant places. Ellie’s father dies when she is 9. As an adult Arroway becomes deeply involved in SETI – the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Arroway works first at the Arecibo radio telescope, and then at the VLA in New Mexico. Just as the government is on the point of closing down the program, they receive a message from Vega. The military rapidly take over the project.

When they decode the message from space, it contains instructions how to build some kind of space craft or star gate. Only one person can travel in this machine, and Ellie is desperate to be that one – but she is rejected.

The first machine is sabotaged by a religious fanatic, and blown up – but there is another, built in secret on an island off the coast of Japan. This time, Ellie gets to go.

In a flight lasting 18 hours, she goes through a series of wormholes to a mystical encounter with a being in the form of her father. The being tells her that there are many intelligent races in the Universe, and
The only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.

But when she gets back, her ‘flight’ has only taken a fraction of a second in earth time. There is no evidence for what she has seen, and the data recorder that went with her has recorded only static. No-one believes she has really gone anywhere.

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