DIY Monster Scareactor Gloves Kit


DIY – Monster Scareactor Gloves (MSG) – metal reinforced scareactor gloves. Maximum protection on the fingertips and palm.

Good for distraction, raking across walls, banging on walls or floors.
So many uses, can also be dressed up to fit with your scareactor’s outfit.
Scareactor Gloves (MSG) gives your scareactor hands protection by
retrofitting the glove with steel tips and metal palm plate(s).
A single glove on a scareactor is just as effective.
Buy a pair and hand one to each of your scareactor’s for maximum use.

• Medium fits Teenage, X-Large fits Adults

If you would like to get our premade gloves that can be ordered here:
Monster Scareactor Gloves (MSG)

If your interested in getting some sparks for your gloves visit this link:
SPARKS for Monster Scareactor Gloves (MSG)

Be on the look out for our themed gloves as an additional option.

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