Easy Install Plugs Non-Grounding


Easy Install Plugs Non-Grounding

Standard Grade – Thermoplastic Non-Grounding Academy Easy Install
Plugs feature high impact-resistant thermoplastic housing with
finger-grip grooves. Super Plug™ has the right angle design and built-in
strain relief. Insulation piercing terminals eliminate need for tools —
just snap in unstripped wire and device is ready for use. Plug blades
are firmly embedded in body.

  • Easy Install Plug – White (Polarized) – SPT1
    • Squeeze Blades To Remove Inner Unit From Cover
    • Hold
      Inner Unit With Wide Blade.  With Ribbed Side Of Wire (Or Wire With
      White/Silver Conductor) On Right – (Must Be Connected To the Wider
      Blade) – Push Wires All The Way In.
    • Squeeze Blades Together.  Press Inner Unit Firmly Into Cover.
  • For Use With No. 18-2 SPT-1 Cord (125V, 10Amps)
  • Proper
    Polarization Must Be Maintained.  If Neither Side Of Wire Has Rib(s),
    The Side With White/Silver Conductor Should Be Considered Ribbed Side
    and Connected To The Wider Blade.
  • Not For Use On:  TPT Electric Shaver Wire Or XT Christmas Wire.

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