Lamp Cord, Clip-in Candelabra Socket, Rotary Switch Black


Lamp Cord Has Clip-in Candelabra Socket, Rotary Switch And Molded End Plug. 6 Ft. Black 120vAC

New 120 VAC power cord / extension cable, 6′, 18-guage, 2-wire, multi-strand conductor, black. On one end is a standard 2-wire polarized plug for standard AC outlets.
"Polarized" simply means that the neutral plug blade is wider than the hot plug blade, so you can plug it into a 120 VAC outlet only one way.
 The other end has a Clip-in Candelabra Socket with bulb. The bulb is of the type used in room night lights and Christmas decorations. The cord has a rotary ON/OFF switch built into it.

• Cord Set with Metal-Lined Snap-In Socket.
• Fits 1" openings. Switch is 18" from socket.
• SPT-2 #18/105° Wire.
• 6′ Black
• Uses 40W Max. Bulb

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