LED Real Wick Flicker Candle w/Timer Wax Painted


LED Real wick Flicker window candle white cordless with built in on/off timer.

• Item shown has decorative wax paint and enhanced melted candle wax
• Items shipped include decorative paint, enhanced melted candle wax
• Decorative gold base holder included if requested
• Runs on 2 AA batteries

These exclusive wick versions of the flicker candle are becoming much
more rare to find in today’s unique candle flickering market.  This has
now made them a one of a kind item, and when we sell out that’s it.  Get
this rare flickering real wick candle while supplies last.  

If you would like our Basic version (no paint, no wax) use this link:

LED Real Wick Flicker Candle w/Timer Basic

Demo of flicker with wick – unpainted basic version

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