Nerdybagel Presto-Changeo LED Controller Board


The PrestoChangeo board is
designed to crossfade LEDs or any controllable source.

1x 9V Battery Clip
1x 2.1mm DC Adapter Connector
1x Trigger Input (+,-, and Trigger like Parallax PIR)

2x PWM channels (Front and Back, screw terminals)
1x Trigger passthrough (whatever trigger signal is input to the
controller can be daisy-chained to another board)

Size: 2.25" x 1.35"

Power: ~200mA @ 9Vdc

The outputs for the front and back are just PWM going from 0% duty cycle
to 100% duty cycle and vice-versa. They are 5V and can supply up to
about 200mA when at 100% (At full brightness). Frequency measurements
put the PWM at about 120Hz.

The trigger port is also 5V. It is not a dry trigger.
EFX-Tek sells a great PIR for this.

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